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GeekCash is about to be listed on its first official exchange, Aiodex has announce on their official twitter account

They have official announce that GeekCash will be their fourth trading pair, GeekCash is being develop at the moment, fundamental tools have been release like official miner for the Geek Algorithm, Web Wallet were you will be able to run your masternode, GeekCash pool script so anyone can run a GeekCash Pool and also the community around the coin is being gather.

GeekCash has the intention to at first develop a social network around the coin, at the moment as any other startup project is EXTREMELY RISK to invest on it, although there are points that I would like to highlight

  1. NO ICO
  3. OTC Exchange very active with legit sellers, no scammers reported so far
  4. PRE Mine 5% of initial supply arround 46 million coins, fair to pay for development expenses
  5. NO Rush to list on exchanges so others can dump
  6. Good amount of miners
  7. Three differnt pools to spread hashrate, our pool is very solid

As many other coins getting into it when its starting is the best investment that can be done as long as there are some bases, currently development is very basic and maybe is not as attractive as other startup coins but a development team that has been around since May 2018 in my opinion is worth a shot.


  1. Anonymous development team
  2. Still no exchange since the coin was announce
  3. Exepecting more development commits on Github

Aiodex will start trading in 40 days at the moment of this post, if you would like to join Aiodex you can use this linkĀ

Good Luck

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