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Binance Hacked Or Who Was Hacked?

Binance Hacked or Who was Hacked?

ExploitDOT is the nickname of a vendor on the darknet who laims he got his hand on a database with a huge amount of KYC data from various cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to CCN this files have been selling since July 2018, at the moment some of those documents could be expire or worthless but scamers allways come up with new ways to steal form people, the documents mention by the seller include identity cards and drivers licenses.

As proof, the cybersecurity expert got pictures of individuals holding up a piece of paper with the word “Binance” and the date the picture was taken at. In these pictures, their faces are visible, as well as their identity cards or drivers’ licenses.

Price starts at $10 for 100 documents, also offers discount if you buy in bulks, this is bad for the crypto space since recently Crypto Exchange Cryptopia was “HACKED” and is under investigation due to certain alegations of them moving massive amounts of crypto currency just before the “HACK” happens.

DONT LEAVE your crypto in exchanges, always keep them on a wallet that you control your private key and do a backup too, its hard to say if Binance or any other big exchange was hack but so far the security and behavior of Binance most of the time has been very professional and their security top notch.

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