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Recently I have not been trading that much, not that anybody care or ask….I have focus all my attention into TRON DAPPS to get those fat dividend payments DAILY but due to the upcoming conference NITRON, TRON has been going up every week nonstop since it was 0.013, I dont trade against BTC anymore or rarely do it since I dont need Bitcoin anymore to get out of Crypto, anyways I have been accumulating TRON since it was at 0.013 and yesterday bought some just to trade it against USDT at 0.02596 and sold at 0.03326 for a 28% ish profit and now riding the wave down, I miss an entry point at 0.2360, that would be another 30% ish profit.

Now here comes the part where it gets messy and in my opinion, dont take my opinion Im most of the time wrong…..if that uptrend line the pink line cant hold at 0.024 cents and we go below the 0.02 cents its game over, but because of the upcomming event NITRON I dont think it will happen and if it does it will be just before the event, may recover latter if the event is awesome, I have seen Justin talking an even if his english is not that good he knows how to hold on and keep going.

Here the current situation and CAOS poing break

I will get back on the TRON (the portion I sold, I still hold TRON), but once it looks stable or when the RSI bounce, it looks like there is still time before the event on the 17th of this month, there is still steem on this push.

If you would like to buy some TRON go to Binance, it has USDT and BTC pairs, click here

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Good Luck, Thanks

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