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Ok internet, this is my opinion on my TRON trade

TRON Trade: TRON/USDT Chart at Binance

We are currently at strong downtrend on TRON for many reasons:

  1. Since December 18 TRON went up over 96% from $0.01760 to $0.03433
  2. People can now short TRON, what this means is that people can now bet on TRON when it goes up or down and media will have a bigger impact to the market price
  3. TRON just got out of a accumulation zone of 1 month from November 18 to December 18, TRON never did a lower low during that period, weird it was an exact month

I’m currently out of the trade since I sold TRON at 0.03205 and bought more BNB and STEEM, my target for TRON is still $0.02 since a lot of people that got into the trade because of the pump will get tired and panic sell, if when we hit that mark or even brake it then the panic sell will come. I think that right now its pure manipulation, in order for TRON to keep going up we need to stay over the pink line on the image above for the entire week until the NITRON event this weekend and we may also see a dump of TRON right at the even.

Conclusion: If you already got all the profits from the December January pump, wait for a better entrance, right now its just people that FOMO beause they miss the boat or people FOMO into the NITRON event.

Latter today I’ll be posting my BNB and STEEM trade, remember this is just my opinion

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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