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As a continuation of BITMAIN layoffs around the world the crypto giant has decided to reduce operations in the Netherlands as an official statement from BITMAIN. Besides Netherlands other sites has been shutdown or reduce their staff like Israel, Texas…

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At first it was reported that BITMAIN was CLOSING operations at Texas but it seems that they are scaling down their staff, around 15 employees were laid off and only 5 remain. Organizations like BITMAIN are one of the biggest…

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TronDice – Review

In the past I have cover TRON Dapps like Hitdapps and TRONBetĀ but after this two pioneers on the TRON ecosystem of Dapps we get possible new starts in this case TronDice Website: Same as this other two Dapps the…

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Yesterday I post how is the hashrate differences after the BCH Fork, we now have two chains ABC and SV, Roger Ver plan to get all possible hashrate into BCH from his pool has help a lot to protect…

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TRONbet dividends payment second round is on its way, we are going to see more often the green and red colors since Im very focus on TRONbet more than anything else, FOMOTRON Im not that invested as before since on…

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Zencash Algorithm Change

Rolf Versluis (BlockOps) post a few days ago why is it important to make changes regarding current Zencash algorithm Equihash. This was presented on a biweekly update on August the 8 2018, BlockOps makes it very clear why Governance protocol…

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