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Coins On My Mind: $Steem

Coins on my mind: $Steem

In the past five years two mayor social network platforms have completely explode, those are Instagram and Twitch but users are not totally satisfied with them, Instagram is very expensive to do advertisement compared to other platforms and Twitch streamers constantly complain about payment rules and fees although both platform services are great, very intuitive and sharp.

After a massive correction Steem looks very sweet to buy but to Power Up Steem not to hold the coin.

Steem Bittrex Daily Chart

Now what if you take the centralization out of the equation, put aside search algorithms and let an open market decide how much is the value of the content producers asset within the platform and let the viewers of this content decide how much content producers can earn, yes the answer is you get Steem.

  1. Transparent: if you leave all your Steem on your wallet anyone can identify your wallet by your user on the platform and see how much you own and explore transactions.
  2. Store of Value on Steem Power: no matter if Steem the token goes down, if you buy and power up your investment won’t be devalue since its not anymore on Steem and Steem Power lets you earn within the platform as long as you stay active on it.
  3. Real Usecasetokenize social platforms DtubeDliveSteepshotSteemit and possible many more to come, let you earn within the platform so then you can exchange it for many other pairs on exchanges

This is for me the main subjects within the entire Steem ecosystem, its not a perfect system but it has taken real products that already existed and took out the centralization of it and include a smart economic system SteemSteem Power and Steem Dollars.

Take in consideration that Steem the coin will most likely keep going down every year untill the community grows fast and big enough, but with this two last players added Steem will soon explode, Dlive just launch last year on october and with the recent growth of Twitch it’s not a secret that many Twitch Streamers will start streaming on Dlive and their fans will start using the platform.

The key would be to buy Steem, Power Up and be active on the platform don’t hold the wrong asset, Steem is to be traded and Steem Power to hold.

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