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Crypto & Coffee 0016 – Its All About Geometry

Crypto & Coffee 0016 – Its All About Geometry

Most of the time after you see an asset make a move you think “it was so obvious” and then correlate it to a geometrical figure so we can learn from experience, this seems to be the case with Bitcoin price action that is forming a rounded bottom and is still on the uptrend trajectory from april 2018 but at the same time its a bit contradictory since the sentiment of the market and users online is not the same, there is not such confidence on the price and probably people as scare to be dump again, Bitcoin recently got very close to its all time high of $20k, after the rally to $13.8k I guess retail investors are selling to either brake even or avoid a massive dump like the one on 2018 but I think Bitcoin price trajectory is still in good shape and there is a chance to go higher this year. On the other hand based on the Bitcoin price action many are starting to talk about an ALT COIN SEASON like the one on 2017 but I dont think thats very likely even when alt coins prices are so low compare to 2017, some of them went down 80% form the all time high value, the reason I dont think we will see an alt coin rally is because of the upcoming events for Bitcoin specially the halving, if Bitcoin goes up investors FOMO into Bitcoin and if Bitcoin crash hard investors go into fiat or stable coins and under both scenario Alt Coins have been suffering since january 2018 with only a few brave hart alt coins like Binance Coin out performing Bitcoin for the past two years.



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