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Seems like CRYPTOPIA is still making news after their hack. We all know this actually looks like an inside job because of all the fishy movements within the exchange and how late trading was suspended after so many assets were transfer out of the exchange.

By CRYPTOPIA initially report a $2.5 million estimate of the hack between all the assets that were stolen but based on the recent study that Elementus, a blockchain analysis platofrm, did with the help of the Ethereum blockchain a new number came up and its way higher, $16 MILLION seems to be the tip of the iceberg since that is only on ERC-20 Tokens so how do you go from 2.5 to 16, this is more prove that someone or a group of people wanted this hack to happen.

According to Elementus the hackers transfer $16,002,108 worth of Ethereum tokens, $3,570,124 of Ethereum, $2,446,212 Dentacoin and $1,148,144 or Centrality.

Eventually attackers try to cash out this tokens but some of them have been halt as Binance did, this studies are proof that the hack was just too easy and that the attackers had no experience on how to move the tokens around and cash out.

Make your own conclusions.

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