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Ethereum Classic Final Testing On Coinbase

Ethereum Classic final testing on Coinbase

Coinbase is expanding the list of crypto currencies they accept, there is a list of about 20 coins that may be listed on the exchange any time soon, Ethereum Classic testing is being done and Coinbase has announce that they are almost ready to accept Ethereum Classic inbound transfers.

Almost every Coinbase section Custody, Pro, Prime, Support and other departments have announce that they are ready for the incoming ETC clients, markets will be open probably after a few days of starting to recieve ETC.

The ETC chart is looking very bullish, first target of resistance arround 0.0024 btc but the real money maker (777) resistance is at 0.0026, I think there is still a bit more steem for this push, on the daily chart is not overbought yet but definetly will correct a bit before Coinbase final announcement, it already went up 22%.

The estimate date for final launch is Tuesday, August 7, this is not the definate date, changes can happen before Tuesday, will keep an eye on the charts, already send my tokens to Binance.

Good Luck

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