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TRONbet is one of the biggest TRON DAPPS out there but as any other new product it goes into a curve of development and growing.

As we can see on this graph after the site start to boom a couple of days ago the amount of active users have decrease but not that much, I’ll make an update about this graph just a short post every week, its also available at 

Because of this the Dividends Pool has taken longer to fill up and it has been about 48 hours since last dividend payment, many users over the telegram chat has been talking about how to fight back the devaluation of the ANTE token after every payment and for this developers have come to a system where you can FREEZE your ANTE Token.

So far I have recieve 5 dividends payment, so far and I can tell this site is legit. Developers have implement the FREEZE feature same as it works on the TRON NETWORK. This will benefit the price of the ANTE TOKEN, this is how it will benefit TRONbet Players:


1-Faster payouts — By using this new freezing system, payouts can now be made every 24 hours. It will continue to be sent directly to your wallet, so you can continue to sit back and relax, and let TRONbet do the work.

2-True supporters are always rewarded — During the last several dividend payouts we realized that there were a few inactive accounts and other users who have lost their private keys. We believe that those who truly support TRONbet should receive their dividends as such. By requiring users to freeze their ANTE tokens, we ensure that the most active users will always benefit from dividend payouts.

3-Decrease supply, increase value — TRONbet is getting ready to list their token on DEX (we will announce soon)!!! Freezing ANTE decreases the circulation and in-turn increases the value of ANTE on exchanges



1- Go to dividends payment page

2-Withdraw your ANTE, once its on your wallet click FREEZE

3-Ever 24 hours at 00:00 EST you will recieve your dividends payment based on the amount of ANTE you FREEZE, ANTE will be FREEZE for 24 hours and after that you can again do transactions.

Allways keep some balance on your wallet for TRX energy fees, around 1 to 3 TRX.

FREEZE ANTE is not the only update that has been announce, there is the rummor already that a new game on is comming up as shown on this screenshot

NEW GAMES are comming, this will get more users to the site and more dividends to the ANTE HOLDERS, become part of the house by holding ANTE TOKEN, after the next dividend payment you will be able to FREEZE ANTE, this will increase its value and you will get dividend payments every 24 hours so FREEZE YOUR ANTE.

Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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