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GeekCash – CPU Mining Tutorial

GeekCash – CPU Mining Tutorial

On this tutorial shows how to mine GeekCash with a CPU on a Windows Computer:

What we need:

  • GeekCash Wallet installed
  • Geek CPU Miner

First we need to know our GeekCash Wallet address, after downloading and installing the latest version of GeekCash Wallet you need to go File and click on Receiving addresses

After this it will show your wallet address

Once we know our wallet address then we need to download GeekCash CPU miner, this can be done from the or form GeekCash Github ,allways try to download latest version.

After you have downloaded the CPU Miner unzip the file, for this right click on the file and select Extract All and let Windows unzip the file.

Next download this config file, GeekCash Miner does not come with a config file, please change the Wallet Address, if you try to run it right away it wont run since I didnt let any test wallet on it

Click Here to Download Config File

Safe this file into your CPUminer folder, open it with Notepad and input your Wallet Address.

After you have edit this file you will need to double click it to run it.

Once it start mining with time you will get shares and it would be a matter of time for you to start getting rewards into your wallet, on Pool the minimum payout is 10 coins so depending on your cpu it may take some time, more modern CPU like AMD Ryzen can provide faster and better results.

On my experiment for a 12 hours run I was using an Intel Xeon E5-2630 now days an old CPU , I was able to mine 32.37 coins in the past 12 hours using pool, this is not much considering with a GPU you would be able to mine mutch more

I hope this tutorial helps you to start mining GeekCash

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