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A quick update on my GeekCash mining journey, I finally got access to test video cards without having to buy them, a fellow miner who owns a pc parts shop and recently start mining in this case was kindful to let me do some testing with the GEEK miner at his shop with a single 2080Ti.

The mining business has become very hard lately if you need to pay bills from the coin you are mining but if you can mine and hold this is probably some of the best days, difficulties have drop significantly and in other altcoins has stay under an horizontal line, take for example some of the other coins I mine Ethereum Classic and Horizen (Zencash)


Getting back into the topic of this post, I got my hands on a Nvidia Zotac GAMING AMP RTX 2080Ti and the results were as expected but the ROI on multiple coins is aweful compare to other cards at least at the price I bought all my MSI Armor GTX 1070 @ $400.00 a card.


GPU GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti
CUDA cores 4352
Video Memory 11GB GDDR6
Memory Bus 352-bit
Engine Clock Boost: 1665 MHz
Memory Clock 14.0 Gbps
PCI Express 3.0

The current amount of GH total on the network at the moment of this testing was arround 9GH and difficulty from 100 to 140 ish.

The ZOTAC GAMING RTX 2080Ti AMP peak at 28.19 mhs and was steady at 27.12 mhs, those are rough numbers, I wish someone design a bechmark application for mining, if you know of  any even if it doesnt include GEEK algorithm please let me know, I have been into crypto for almost a 13 months, started mining with 1 card a 1060, with this kind of hashing power it would take more than a year to make ROI but if you can mine and hold within a year the ROI might get better but HOPE is the worst indicator, Im continuesly mining GEEK with part of my small mining farm (92 GPU at the moment), whenever I have a project in mind I sell coins to get BTC, allways trying not to sell at market price.

RTX has many features that have not being develop for minig and Im sure most of developers wont take the time to work on this cards right now since the market is so low and no one is buying GPUs to mine crypto thats why difficulties have not skyrocket even after a new generation of cards have been release, for me its been great since all my cards are 10 generation.

Hope this small article was useful for you.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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