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Yesterday I post how is the hashrate differences after the BCH Fork, we now have two chains ABC and SV, Roger Ver plan to get all possible hashrate into BCH from his pool has help a lot to protect the BCH and in my opinion (not that anyone ask but this is my website) this hash war has affected Bitcion, we have drop from 5000 PH/s TP 4000 PH/s all this in just one single day.

We have seen the ABC chain getting away by staying ahead in blocks, at the moment of this post 31 blocks ahead, with its biggest pool at a wapping 497 Ph/s in total has also notify users that their hash power might be use to mine BCH even if they are mining Bitcoin, users have gone MAD over this situation and the actions that the pool is taking.

I hope people do realize how centralize is Bitcoin Cash with owning 63% of total network hashrate, this is way more than 51% on a “decentralize” system, and not that SV is any different, this has become and EGO-POLITICAL WAR where two entities or groups have collide and are looking to destroy each other by demostrating how has more USD than the other, from one side Bitmain putting 90,000 Antminers S9 to mine BCH ABC and on the other side Craig Wright threating to dump BTC so hard to $1,000.00 and he would just not care about it.

I’ll keep you update with any changes or news about this HASH WAR between the two chains, seems BCH ABC is at the lead right now.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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