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Right after the announcement with Baidu now TRON hit us with a possible partnership with ORACLE, the dimension of this is huge taking in consideration the merge of TRON and ORACLE technology, ORACLE could really make a difference based on their vast experience with DATABASE.

So far nothing is official, Justin Sun just mention that ORACLE team visit yesterday TRON Headquarter office at San Francisco.

When I saw this headline for me it is obvious that Justin Sun is trying to merge technology that already have working products, we got BitTorrent and then add ORACLE, not saying that BitTorrent performance isn’t good but just think what could be the outcome besides this are big names on their own fields, for now the obvious was talk about a partnership and tokenization.

Neal H. who is part of the ORACLE team consider this meeting “Meeting of the Blockchain Minds” , when a team leader or someone with some sort of voice within the team on the meeting make this kind of statement then we can start thinking of a positive outcome and endless opportunities.

Justin Sun has demonstrate to be a MARKETING MACHINE with all the moves that TRON has done since their start, some say its all fake but the BitTorrent Token will be the first real test if the network is up for the traffic or not, lately TRON NETWORK had some issues after they upgrade the nodes, couple of laggy days but overall still way faster that many networks when under performance issues.

Its ORACLE plan to offer Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), in regular human words this means BLOCKCHAIN AS A SERVICE, this could be part of that massive adoption that crypto is looking for, offering one of the most secure technology to the enterprise.

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