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Salty Cryptonauts

Salty Cryptonauts


After the news and manipulation of the market we have retrace very close to the $6k mark, at the moment of this post $6,240.15, to be honest now there is no catalyst or reason for the market specially Bitcoin to move up, altcoins will keep suffering but good projects wont die people need to be realistic and there are some projects with real value, in the top 16 there are projects with real value like Binance Coin, CardanoLitecoinMoneroEthereumEthereum Classic, EOS, Stellar, Neo, Dash this in my opinion but as we can see almost everything is getting hurt except the one single star in the skies Binance Coin and for the reason that the exchange supports the price of the coin, not saying the exchange manipulate the price of the coin, but the blood is real.


After all the blood that we see in the market now few Cryptonauts that were basically gone come back during the pump of the ETF news and now everything just crash and you see ton of people salty on social network, investors need to learn the difference between investing and trading, when trading you don’t give a F if the company makes it in the future you focus on the technical of the chart and take a swing after that b*tch is dead see you later.

Bitcoin is going back to its cost price, $5k to $6k has been consider its cost price the amount of money it takes to generate a single Bitcoin this is one of the reasons why I don’t think it will go lower than that, mayor miners and investors will hold the price but retail average users are just going into panic city and selling everything.

This is a great life experience for everyone on this market, learn how to hold your emotions and stop live under the water be realistic, the market will turn back green but now not next month it will take time, a bear market doesn’t fix in eight months, before Moon we need consolidation not news that will just moon the price.

This is the main reason why I started this blog because during this market constantly have friends, family and crypto comrades being salty about crypto, do I see Bitcoin latter this year higher than 20k with the recent events NO, do I expect the market to get stable YES, I dont have a crystal ball to make baller predictions like Bitcoin 40k by December, if we have an ETF will pump yes it will but thats just an IF.

Stay positive, good luck

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