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Source: Who would have thought Ripple XRP marketcap is could be fake? Really? is this like how Cryptopia lie to everyone and went from a $2.5 million to over $16 million lost on the hack? Well a recent post…

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ViralRoll – GEEKCASH

Hi everyone, I have been working in the background lately trying to smooth the process of how to keep my business on real life at float and at the same time trying to keep up with my blog, at the…

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This past few days have been awesome but a lot of work, not only that I'm making about 500 ANTE every two days but I'm also starting to walk out with TRON profits from my bets, although you need a…

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Lately TRON Dapps are getting traction, few days ago FOMO TRON blew up from $3,000 to $25,000 in a matter of three days, most of the people involve on this game are expecting for the pot to go probably over…

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Ethereum Classic to $50.00

After Ethereum Classic was added to Coinbase for a couple of days was #11 on Coinmarketcap, such temporary achievement is very important, leaving behind coins like Tron and Monero. We have to take in consideration that even that ETC is…

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Golder Games: Dirt Field

Golder Games is the Master Mind behind the adictive game War Field that is currently on ICO Stage Here the official trailer of War Field Golder have recently that they will have a downlable desktop version of War Field and…

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Ethereum Classic After Coinbase Announcement

Today I would like to talk of what is ahead of Ethereum Classic after the addition to Coinbase Exchange, the trading aspect and the mining aspect. The Trading Aspect For many this addition to Coinbase was very smooth, the trade aspect was not full of rumors not like…

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Coins on my mind: $Steem

In the past five years two mayor social network platforms have completely explode, those are Instagram and Twitch but users are not totally satisfied with them, Instagram is very expensive to do advertisement compared to other platforms and Twitch streamers constantly complain about payment rules and…

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InstaDEX Review – First Thoughts

InstaDEX is a crypto currency community driven, one of the most important aspects of the project is transparency, in my opinion they want to emphasize this because one of the targets of InstaDEX is to become at first a wallet that can do atomic swaps…

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