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Here a video on recent BTC PRICE ACTION, Do you have a LOVE and HATE relationship with BTC? stop and just accept BTC and dont try to change it...Watch Video Links TRONBET: BANKROLL: Start Mining: BINANCE EXCHANGE:…

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NO BITCOIN IS NOT DEAD NO BITCOIN HAS NOT BRAKE SUPPORT!!! I have not been that active recently due to work but I have seen many people saying its dead or it has break support, I have mention previously that…

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Bitcoin and Bart Simpson

After the news about SEC delayed VanEck-SolidX ETF proposal Bitcoin is on a free fall and is getting closer to the $6k line, at the moment sitting at $6200ish, in current market conditions the push from $6k to $8k was total manipulation and with the volume shown…

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SEC Delays BTC ETF – VanEck-SolidX

Bitcoin price free falls almost 8% after the SEC delays the VanEck-SolidX ETF proposal, it is known that US SEC always takes it time and delay their answers as it is their right to do so, the hype after the VanEch-SolidX ETF proposal was big, not one of the biggest…

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BTC When Over 9000

At current prices everyone is getting ready their Over 9000 memes but in my opinion it seems that this rally is taking a brake, if this break takes too long it may take until around the begining of August but if it takes…

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