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Hi this is my first BANKROLL video, this video only include the basics of the site, I will make a second video with all the details that explains the current site features in details, enjoy If you like the content…

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It comes from honest investors to say that CRYPTO IS NOT A SAFE PLACE, at least not for now. When we talk about investing into crypto most will tell you to only invest what you can afford to loose and…

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Fishing Master Gameplay

Classic Fishing Master Gameplay, start casting, get some fish token and freeze them to get that daily passive income, very simple and fun as you can see, I spend quite some time on this game when ever start playing on…

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Basic Attention Token – Airdrop

Basic Attention Token is airdropping 30 BAT tokens to their community members. Visit the airdrop page, download the Brave browser, open the browser and enable “Brave Rewards” to receive 30 BAT tokens. Also, earn $5 worth BAT for each referral. Basic Attention Token is…

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