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HashDice Site Info: URL: Telegram: Discord:¬† Whitepaper: On this article Ill try to explain the best I can and then as questions or changes come up with do an update on my post. A new Casino type…

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TronDice – Review

In the past I have cover TRON Dapps like Hitdapps and TRONBet¬†but after this two pioneers on the TRON ecosystem of Dapps we get possible new starts in this case TronDice Website: Same as this other two Dapps the…

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Lately TRON Dapps are getting traction, few days ago FOMO TRON blew up from $3,000 to $25,000 in a matter of three days, most of the people involve on this game are expecting for the pot to go probably over…

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