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Has been a sad morning, I just wake up, start checking all my wallets and dapps Im in and one of them is having issues I was like its cool but then when open Telegram everything is on fire TRONBLOCK…

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Binance spoiler demo DEX

The only star in the skies, the one that has hold its BTC value during this bear market, Binance Coin part of the Binance Exchange, CEO Changpeng Zhao has recently post a video of the new DEX desk, Binance is…

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Bitcoin and Bart Simpson

After the news about SEC delayed VanEck-SolidX ETF proposal Bitcoin is on a free fall and is getting closer to the $6k line, at the moment sitting at $6200ish, in current market conditions the push from $6k to $8k was total manipulation and with the volume shown…

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Ethereum Classic After Coinbase Announcement

Today I would like to talk of what is ahead of Ethereum Classic after the addition to Coinbase Exchange, the trading aspect and the mining aspect. The Trading Aspect For many this addition to Coinbase was very smooth, the trade aspect was not full of rumors not like…

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SEC Delays BTC ETF – VanEck-SolidX

Bitcoin price free falls almost 8% after the SEC delays the VanEck-SolidX ETF proposal, it is known that US SEC always takes it time and delay their answers as it is their right to do so, the hype after the VanEch-SolidX ETF proposal was big, not one of the biggest…

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Possible New Nvidia Cards Announcement

Nvidia has recently post invitation to join Gamescom 2018 where they may reveal information about their new generation of video cards, media is speculating that an announcement could be done a day before Gamescom at the GeForce Gaming Celebration that may take place on August the 20, topics that will…

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