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Today seems to be the day when ANTE price is finally manipulated on the exchange, many are selling, as we can see a crash from almost 40 TRX per ante to 29 TRX

Yesterday TRONBET broke a new record with a 26 million dividend pool and its evident that for such price pump some users FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and start buying ANTE like crazy.

I have been buying ANTE since it was 20 TRX but when I saw the price going up so much stop buying at 33 TRX

Lets keep in mind that ANTE was trading about 16 to 24 TRX over the counter on Telegram trading group, I do believe that it wont go lower than 20 TRX because ANTE does have a value and its that its printing TRON tokens for the ones that hold TRX, it’s similar to having a masternode or staking a coin in the matter that the ones that hold ANTE gets a passive income.

Yes its true that it will pump at some point down the road, TRONBET community is very strong and TRONBET is the biggest DAPP on the TRON Network, I was one of the person who thought it would crash once it hit exchanges as any other coin after ICO but it actually didn’t I also thought dividend pools would be lower since now users can buy the coin instead of gambling “”mining””, but there a variable that we need to take in consideration and its GAMBLING, this could can become an addiction but there are thos who know how to gamble and those who dont, the ones who dont know how to gamble are the pool feeders and the ones that do know how to gamble, believe it or not there are people that are damn good at it, kill the game taking TONS OF TRON and at the same time getting that sweet ANTE.

Those who are average or below at gambling, LIKE ME, will allways think the opposite that there is now way someone could get tons of ANTE and still be up on TRX and actually if a there is a possibility of something to exist at some point it may.

All I’m saying is that ANTE wont crash, IN MY OPINION I COULD BE WRONG but its my believe.


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Good Luck, Thanks

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