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Hi internet, this weekend I’m on hollidays but Ill still do a few post. TRONBET is real, TRON DAPPS are on fire we got HITDAPPS with FOMO TRON and now TRONbet just pay out the divident payment for ANTE holders on November 1st at 23:59 EST.

Although is great keep in mind that this is gambling, ITS EXTREMELY RISKY as any other gambling game.

I was able to keep rolling the dice and to be honest did loose some TRON during the process but manage to get 1013.84 ANTE before the snapshot was taken, 1013.84 ANTE end up to be 10787.09 TRON TOKEN at current market that is around $215.74 USD, not much but still passive income and the amount of TRON I loose wyle rolling tas $113.89 USD means Im still in profit got my TRON TOKENS that I loose betting back and still made $101.85 USD in four days.

TRONbet seems legit, get to roll and make some passive income, feel free to use my referal linnk 

FOMO TRON is starting in about 2 hrs, I may put down some TRON on it but probably wont build a bag like the first time.

Read my TRONbet tutorial here and keep rolling to earn that passive income.


Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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