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TRONBET token ANTE is going up, in the TRON community many refer to TRONBET as the safe BET in terms of the most stable and lucrative gambling platform on the TRON ecosystem, moderators have recently mention that marketing is starting and we have seen advertisement already on Dapp.Review.

As we can see on the previous image, users are rushing in to buy the ANTE TOKEN, it was said before this coin hit exchange that at least it would cost 100 TRON, as seen its already at 25 TRON, increase around 5 TRON since it was launch to the exchange and peak at 44 TRON so within probably a couple of months or a year we could see ANTE at 100 TRON.

As we can see today’s dividends pool at 14 million just after 12 hours of its daily run, this could be the effect of price increment, todays DIVIDEND PAYMENT will be big for ANTE holders, are you holding ANTE?

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