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I have been on TRONVEGAS for some time but didnt want to make a post about it since at first it was not the mos reliable TRON DAPP, in the next days I’ll do a review and express my thoughts about this project and what makes it unike although I didnt want you to miss their current event.


We would like to show our appreciation for our amazing community by having our users receive 25% additional rewards to the 3 day Dividend pool in a

And the event has started now.

⭐️Part I
Battle Royale-

📊Top 20 wagering players on the leaderboard for SkyRocket and Roulette will split 10% of the dividend at the end of the 3-day total accumulated (Dividend from Jan 26th to Jan 28th) . (5% for each game). (Leaderboard can be found in “Event”)

1st Place – 0.75%
2nd Place – 0.50%
3rd Place – 0.35%
4th to 20th – 0.20%

⭐️Part II
Betting War-

Players who bets more than 5000 times will share 5% of the total 3-day accumulation
Players who bets between 3000 – 5000 times will share 3% of the total 3-day accumulation
Players who bets between 1000 – 3000 times will share 2% of the total 3-day accumulation

⭐️Part III
VCoin Multiplier-

⚒We will have 1.5x mining on the first day of the event (Start after the dividend payouts out on Jan 25th to dividend payouts on Jan 26th) and we will also be randomly picking 5 winners
to receive 1% each of the total dividends.

Further, we are going to have Twitter only event, which started on Jan 22nd.

We are going to do 5 days of Roulette giveaway.

Each day with 3,000 Trx and 150 Vcoins.

Everyone will comment where the roulette wheel will land number wise in the comments people get the right number they win. No winner we keep going. We are trying to get new players along with existing interacting. Each night winner or no winner will be announced. Twitter Admin will record the roulette wheel spinning to show it’s a live.*

🔸We truly appreciate the undying support that the community has shown our Team and with
this, we hope you all enjoy the promotions!🔸💥

We will promote on Dappradar (from Feb 3rd) and Dapp.Review (from Jan 24th).

Mobile wallets customization and co-promotion are on schedule.

Thanks for rolling with us!💫


Thanks for reading if you I like my post please feel free to leave a comment or upvote on Steemit

Good Luck, Thanks

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